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Caution: May Cause Happiness!

Are you familiar with French Macaron cookies? If yes - try these, they're amazing. If not - definitely give these a try! The base of the cookies is almond flour and egg whites (our free-range chickens are happy to provide the eggs). These cookies are irresistible gluten- and guilt-free bites of floral and herbal sweetness. Just like all of our products, these are made with all-natural ingredients and absolutely no synthetic flavors, preservatives or coloring.


Our macron boxes contain mixes of these cookies:

Dark Chocolate, Rosemary and Apricot

Lavender and Milk Chocolate

Rose and White Chocolate

Mint and Dark Chocolate

Chamomile and Caramelized Honey

Lemon Verbena Cream


Note: Available only for local pickups and delivery, or at the Farmers Markets.

Botanical Macarons

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