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Floral Design by Beach Plum Florals, Boston, MA

Meet our Garden Roses

We grow roses for medicinal and cosmetic uses, as well as for cut flowers and floral designs. All of our roses are sustainably grown without any use of pesticides, fungicides or synthetic chemicals. Perfect for smelling (and they're very fragrant) or decorating a wedding cake.

On this page, you will see our 2023 season availability of roses for fresh cuts. Some of the old roses in our white collection are only available in June, but the rest bloom throughout the season. We sell roses by bunches of 10 stems in each color group, or Growers Choice bunches (a mix of currently blooming colors). In addition to bunches in your choice of color, you're welcome to request individual varieties, and we'll let you know if this variety is available. Many trending varieties sell out quickly, ordering early is always recommended. 


All of our roses are absolutely beautiful, but if you give us more details of the look and feel you're creating for your event, we'll do our best to cut and deliver exactly what you need. We love details and inspiration pictures!

To place your request, email us:, or use the Flower Request Form on this page.


Join us for a delightful afternoon at the Farm! We have a lot of insider information to share about one of our main crops here at the farm - garden roses. After a few hours at the farm, you’ll walk away with confidence, lots of practical information, and a beautiful new rose for your garden. And yes, to answer a few questions we received -  we will definitely serve fancy Rose and Lavender teas and our Rose Macarons and other floral treats

Join us on May 19, 2024 to learn how to select and grow beautiful garden roses in our cold climate. We look forward to hosting you!

We'll be posting more rose products on this page soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new rose-related products and other news from the farm! In the meantime, here is a little something special for the holidays: Rose Ornament. Hang it on a tree or in the window and enjoy!

 Cut  Roses Availability 2023

White and Cream

Rose Collection.001.jpeg
Rose Collection.002.jpeg

Blush and Light Pink

Rose Collection.003.jpeg
Rose Collection.004.jpeg

Taupe, Multi and Toffee

Rose Collection.005.jpeg

Peach and Orange

Rose Collection.006.jpeg

Butter and Gold

Rose Collection.007.jpeg

Watermelon and Pink

Rose Collection.008.jpeg

Lavender and Purple

Rose Collection.009.jpeg

Red and Burgundy

Rose Collection.010.jpeg
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