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Weeks of steeping with fragrant flowers and herbs from our gardens gives the honey unique aromas and flavor profiles. Harvested at peak freshness, steeping in honey intensifies the taste, fragrance and potency of the flowers and herbs. Great on their own, as a spread, or as a base for drinks or desserts. (4 OZ)


Honey Gift Sets include three different varieties of our Herbal Honeys in a beautiful gift box. 


  • Lavender – Relaxing, soothing and healing herb brings a light floral note to the flavor and aroma.


  • Rose – Sweet fragrance, rich sunny taste.


  • Lemon Verbena – Bright yet subtle lemon-drop fragrance… light citrus on the palate.


  • Mint – Stimulating and refreshing mint infused honey brings a bit of zip wherever it’s added.

Herbal Honey

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