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Our luxurious lotion candles come in two varieties:

Melt Me - Lavender Tea Lotion Candle

Bite Me - Lemongrass and Chocolate Sensual Massage Candle



To use, light the candle, wait for the contents to melt and form a warm pool of lotion across the surface of the candle. Extinguish the candle flame before dipping in or pouring the lotion.


Melt Me Lotion Candle is lightly scented with organic essential oils and offers a gentle and comforting lavender chai fragrance along with organic plant butters nourishment for winter-dried skin.


Our limited edition Bite Me Sensual Massage candle provides a perfect glide for your hands during the massage.

Fun fact: while it's not designed as a food source, this candle is formulated entirely from edible ingredients, including cocoa and coconut butters and lemongrass. Not a hint of tartness whatsoever. This candle will please you with an effervescent, fresh yet sweet aroma as you pour a little bit of the warm lotion into your palm. Use your hands and your imagination responsibly.


Lotion and Massage Candles

PriceFrom $36.00
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