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Book a fun and relaxing candle making class for your peeps!

You provide the space, we provide the fun and the materials for everyone in your group. 


Each hour-long hands-on LightWorks class can be customized to your needs: from  relaxing essential-oil based candles, to fragrance-free pure plant-based candles, to blending clean fragrance oils to design one-of-a-kind scented candles.


Consider booking these workshops for your work teams to help onboard employees, build and improve team relationships in a fun and relaxing environment, and to boost creativity.


You can also book the LightWorks workshop as a fun party activity for bridal showers, birthday celebrations, wedding and events. 


We will walk your group through the step-by-step process of picking and blending scents, mixing waxes and pouring candles. You will also learn fun facts along the way! 


This workshop is lead by The Lavender Woods Farm and Apiary artisans and creative experts with decades of leading hands-on training in higher education and corporate environments.


Materials: We provide everything needed for each participant to create and take home a 9oz container candle. We offer an option to create scented or fragrance-free candles. We can teach you how to blend clean natural fragrances and essential oils to create a truly unique fragrance for your candle. You will also learn about different waxes, wicks and techniques to create clean, long-lasting and unique candles.


Timeframe: The workshop lasts about one hour. However, candles need a longer time to cool and set. Usually, you can plan on taking them home at the end of the day for morning workshops, or the next day for evening workshops. 


Food and Drink: While we do not provide food or drinks, and we generally discourage food at the workshop tables, drinks are fine if you plan to provide them. 


Cancellations:  We don't accept cancellations for these workshops, nor issue refunds,  but we will try to reschedule if notified at least two weeks in advance. By booking the workshop you agree to these terms.


Reservations: We require at least 2 weeks advance notice and payment in full for all reservations. To reserve, please book a workshop for a group of up to 10 participants. No observers are allowed, only booked participants. Add additional seats for each participant above 10. Our team will be in touch within one business day to confirm your date availability, location and discuss your custom needs. Please note the workshop is not confirmed until you hear from our team. 

The LightWorks

PriceFrom $50.00
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