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Lavender Woods Farm

Flowers. Herbs. Apiary.

Hey, Beautiful!
Now  that  you  found us,  let's  add  more  delight 

to  your life.

We're here to help you live a life of abundance, creativity and beauty - the ABCs of creating a joyful lifestyle -  inspired by flowers.


Our collection of artisan-crafted herbal spa products will help you relax, energize and enjoy your days even more. We use organic ingredients, honey and wax from our own apiary as well as lavender, medicinal roses and other flowers and herbs from our farm gardens in rural Massachusetts. These carefully selected ingredients are guaranteed to help you feel happier and healthier. A happier you can shine brighter, and we all need as much light in the world as we can get.

We grow and sell a variety of boutique-quality fresh cut, edible and dry flowers and herbs. We sell to florists as well as to individual clients, and we would be happy to provide a variety of exquisite garden flowers for your special occasions and events. We also offer some floral design services, and you can easily brighten up your day by purchasing our flowers via CSA Flower Subscriptions or at the seasonal Farmers and Artisans Markets.

Our herbal and floral honey is available at the Farmers Markets, and in our online store.


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We hope The Lavender Woods serves you well and brings more joy to your life!

Coming up: 

We look forward to seeing you at the Belchertown Farmers and Artisans Market on Sunday, September 17.

Our next (and last for this year) subscription program
Fall Harvest Flowers  runs  from Sept. 21 (deliveries) and Sept. 22 (farm pickups) - Oct. 12 (deliveries) and Oct. 13 (farm pickups). Join us!

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See you soon!


What is this place, anyway?

Despite a whimsical name, The Lavender Woods is a very real location.

A few years ago, we cleared some of our large woodland property in Southern New England, and planted hundreds of lavender plants. It was tough, a major labor-intensive project.


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